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Welcome to Smiile Physiotherapy Peregian Beach

At SMIILE Physiotherapy, we treat a range of issues from back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle and joint sprains to Vertigo, just to name a few. Our team is focused on finding the root of your physical problems and the best outcomes possible through evidence based practice. Maybe looking at your physical issues from a different perspective is just what you need.


If you have been in a government declared COVID-19 hotspot in the last 14 days, please refrain from attending your appointment at our clinic and follow the directions given to you by the government. Please also do not attend your appointment if you are symptomatic (or positive) for COVID-19 or symptomatic of the flu, or if you have been in contact with a positive case or someone else presenting with flu-like symptoms. Many thanks in advance for keeping the community safe.


We can help with the healing of muscle tears/strains and joint/ligament sprains giving you the best chance of a full recovery.  We will provide hands-on treatment, education and home exercises to get your body smiiling again.


We treat all types of sports injuries, from the time of injury to your return to sport. No matter what the sport or how severe the injury, physiotherapy is beneficial in getting you back in top condition to the play the sports you love.

BPPV (Vertigo)

Frank has many years’ experience in assessing and managing vertigo symptoms. For such a debilitating condition there may be a simple solution that does not require a lifetime of treatment. Pop in for an assessment to see if we can help you.


For all those people with sore necks, headaches, back pain or sciatica, our hands-on physiotherapists can help ease your pain and get you moving again. We will work with you to identify what is causing your pain and find solutions to assist in preventing future relapses or further injury.


We can help manage all kinds of chest conditions from acute infections to chronic airway diseases. Our team will provide hands-on physical treatment and home breathing exercises to assist you. We can coordinate our treatment to your specialist’s management plan if required.


Physiotherapy can be very important in the recovery of bones and soft tissues in regaining normal movements and strength following orthopaedic surgeries. It may be beneficial to coordinate this with your surgeon to improve your recovery.


Whether you are a Peregian Beach local or a visitor to this gorgeous part of the world, we are here to help you with all your physiotherapy needs. We are flexible with booking times and will try to accommodate after hours appointments where able. Easy to find on the main road (David Low Way), our clinic offers plenty of parking in the adjacent car park, wheelchair access and patient amenities.

SMIILE Physiotherapy offers immediate Private Health Insurance claims for most Private Health Funds via HICAPS and is registered to take on Work Cover, Motor Vehicle insurance claims and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) claims (both Gold and White cards). We also take Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plans with the appropriate doctor’s referral.

So if your aches and pains are catching up with you and limiting your ability to enjoy this beautiful place, give us a call on 5471 2133 and “Keep your body Smiiling”.


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